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STEM through Fun

Learn STEM via Experiential Fun DIY Home Group Activities

Multi Skill Activities

Various interesting activities blended thoughtfully into each project

Growing Everyday

Projects that build on top of the other in complexity, reinforcing concepts

Rewards to Motivate

A point system that keep children active. Points are Dollars!


1. Signup in a Minute
Create Parent Accounts and Kids’ Accounts. You can also explore the website and check out parents trainings as you get time.


2. Create a Camp
Search for open clubs in your community to apply. It is as easy to form a new club and invite your neighbors with children.


3. Parents Meet to Plan
Parents meet to select activity & packages and coaches on KidTeck. Set common terms for club (Editing KidTeck Terms Templates!)


4. Kids Start Camping
Be amazed to see children planning their time alternating fun projects and more fun games.

360 Degree Development

summer classes for kidsScience

Viscosity race, transpiration and more.

Technical summer camp for kidsTechnology

Robotics, coding, kano computer, games, etc.


Construction, design, electronics, and more.


Painting techniques, drawing & collage ideas.


Shape puzzles, hands on activity sheets


Business programs, practice & training


Events, persons, ancient history, civil war


Planning strategies, skills, volunteer


Learn preamble, campaign, politics


Setting routines, situation & solutions


Terrariums, water filtering, pollution

Time Management

Puzzles, blind polygon, Mayo jar


Songs, finger plays, Gifts, thank you notes


Appreciation box, shout-outs, buddy-up

Buy Paid Courses

Educational games, picture dictionary, etc.

Sell Paid Courses

Photography, art, design, craft & DIY, etc

Hands-On, Minds-On Activities

Age Appropriate Multi-Skill Projects


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Nathan had a great time at the new camp. In fact, even though we initially had signed him up for two weeks, at the end, he wanted to extend and then stayed for another two weeks. He was even thinking that he might have wanted to stay longer and is already asking to go back for next summer. What a difference! Thank you again so much for your help with selecting camps for both kids.

Bridgewater, NJ

North Bergen

Who knew there was so much to experience during the summer? From when the girls were little until their high school years, you have always led us in the right direction. Loving your 3 plan. We are only going with a program sanctioned by you. You have steered us right for many summers.

North Bergen


Luckily, a friend referred us to Kidteck summer camp. Their name describes exactly what they are — experts. We discussed with them our problems from the first camp and they figured out exactly what would best suit our son. They were correct and he had the best summer ever. He is returning again next summer, and we are now sending our daughter too. We don’t know why anyone, who is sending their child to summer camp, would not use this service. It is a win-win situation. Thanks a million!

Edison, NJ


Andrea is doing great and loving camp. She is very happy at her new summer camp. Thanks for checking in! So appreciative for all that you have done

Trenton, NJ


Thank you!!!!! Amazing, thanks a million. Maria is beyond happy. I am missing her but she is doing wonderful. Not one complaint. The camp has been perfect and is like a well oiled, loving machine. Maria is in heaven this summer. Thank you for your guidance. We made the right choice hands down!!!!

ersey City