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Serviced Club – $400/month

  • KidTeck provides maximum support for Deluxe clubs.

  • This is designed for busy parents.

  • KidTeck appoints a Club Coordinator who manages the club to assist parents.

  • 20 hours is committed. Additional requests will be charged @ 40/hr.

  • The Club Coordinator manager is the focal point for all needs for parents' council.

Extras for any band

  • Monitors live streaming($5 per every hour the club works)

  • Additional services rendered @ $15/hour.

  • Club Coordinator charges @ $30/hour.

a. takes care of recruitment, b. does fun curriculum planning based on training needs assessment, c. presents to weekly plan in parents’ council meeting, d. incorporates changes as required, e. sets up classes for children, f. manages recruitment and background check completely, g. negotiating and coordinating with coaches and trainers, h. oversight of monitoring team, i. technical support